Spain Trip

Nancy's brother, Fred Hart, who lives in Chicago Heights, IL with his wife Debra purchased the piso (condo). The piso is located in the quaint village of Jaca in a beautiful valley of the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain, near the French border. Fred's son, Rick, his wife, Mapi and daughter, Ana, live in the city of Zaragoza which is about 1.5 hours south of Jaca. The piso is in a historical building on the floor above the village shops on the main street. Fred has refurbished it and hopes to spend up to spend six months a year there after his retirement.

Nancy and I visited Spain on September 9 through October 13 2002, after a visit with Fred and Deby in Chicago for several days to be briefed on our trip to Jaca. First we visited Rick and his family in Zaragoza for several days, then we rented a car and drove to Jaca for a 2 week stay in the piso. I think we were the only Americans in town, but in spite the language barrier, we did survive. We enjoyed living in a different environment and being in the historic section of the town, next to the old cathedral, built in 1521. Nancy and I kept busy helping with the piso improvements. Nancy made and put up curtains on 6 sets of French doors and windows. Dave steel-wooled and painted the wrought iron railings on 3 balconies over the main village street. We also enjoyed our many walks around the town visiting unique shops, espresso cafes, tapa bars. Every morning we bought fresh bread and pastries at the bakery. We also enjoyed several day trips traveling through the Pyrenees mountains and surrounding villages, old forts, monasteries, and cathedrals. For a couple of days, we traveled into France and on to San Sebastian and Bilbao on Spain's Atlantic coast. The highlight in Bilbao was visiting the Guggenheim museum. Both cities are located in Basque country. The Basque are fighting for their independence which has created a lot of tension in Spain.

The last two weeks we went on a 10 day tour in southern Spain. The tour started in Madrid, then on to Toledo and Granada (where we saw the Alhambra). We traveled on to the Costa del Sol (Mediterranean coast), Gibraltar, Seville, Cordoba and back to Madrid for a couple of days (were we visited the famous Prado Art Gallery and the palace). It was a fabulous trip.

Below are pictures of the piso, views of Jaca and our excursions throughout Spain.

Village of Jaca
in the valley of the
Pyrenees mountains
in Northern Spain
Map of
Jaca, Spain
Streets of Jaca.
Piso is first 3 balconies
above the first floor
on the right
Jaca cafe
Dave and Anna
Citadel Fort in Jaca
Old Cathedral
built in 1521
next to the piso
Pyrenees Mountains
north of Jaca
near the French border
La Pina Monastery
near Jaca
Lorrie Castle Village of Echo
near Jaca
and Basicalla
near Madrid
Old town
Toledo, Spain
San Sebastian
Atlantic coast
Seville, Spain
River Cruise through 1992 Expo sites
Golden Tower in background