European Cruise and Land Tours

May 8 - June 8, 2005

Nancy and I began our trip in London and stayed for several days. Next, we flew to Venice for a couple of days before starting our 13 day cruise aboard the Grand Princess. We enjoyed the fine dinning and our cabin on the ship.

Our ship stopped at the following ports:

After the cruise, we spent a week in Jaca, Spain at Fred and Deby Hart's piso. Jaca is a beautiful resort village in the Pyrenees Mountains. While we were there, Fred's son Rick and his wife Mapi visited us with their children, Ana and Fede.

Tower Bridge
London, England
Gondola Ride
Venice, Italy
Athens, Greece
Library of Celsus
Kusadasi, Turkey
Blue Mosque
Istanbul, Turkey
Coffee on Balcony
Mykonos, Greece
Pompeii Casa de Fauno
Naples, Italy
Rome, Italy
Leaning Tower
of Pisa
Church of
La Sagrada Familia
Barcelona, Spain
35th Anniversary Dinner
on the Grand Princess
Hart's Piso
Jaca, Spain
Ana and Fede
Hart's Piso
City of Jaca
and Mt. Oroel